Today On Frankie & Tati [5-10-19]

A meme has Frankie and Tati at odds over the classic "ok" txt han sending paragraphs....

Friday, May 10, 2019

605a Eyebrow Fail Jamboozle

Francis calls a salon to complain about his eyebrows in which he says he looks like he has two skinny caterpillars for brows. He says he needs Miracle Gro and the woman says she’s sorry that the brows aren’t up to par and kind of chuckles. Francis gets more irate to say his gf won’t even sleep with him and puts him on the couch. Francis can’t contain his laughter trying to prank the woman and it’s revealed as a jamboozle.

617a Take On Tati: Yes Or BS With Lanae

Lanae, Mira Mesa got an L but was hungry for that good Filipino food the city has to offer

Highlight Headline: A Kentucky teen that sued his school for taking a vaccine got chickenpox

635a “Deleting the whole paragraph to text back "ok" = growth"

This meme had Frankie and Tati at odds to which Tati says for years she’d respond with “ok” but now she says her point needs to be made with the paragraphs; she’s tired of people just feeling entitled with their responses

Frankie says in the past he’d type the paragraph and send, to which would become an unnecessary argument that didn’t need to happen.

656a ICYMI….9 Headlines in 95.7 Seconds...Tati NAILED IT


Released footage showing Trennel Cannon which is a 12sec from body cam

Sink Hole

20ft sink hole from Feb is still awaiting to be repaired near Camino Del Sur

The Wests

Surrogate went into labor last night with their 4th child...a boy!


Was recording in an ATL studio, the rapper is okay but someone was shot in the leg during the driveby

Cardi B

Fashion Nova line sold out and made $1m in one day for the Spring line

Man Accused

Of Poway shooting has been charged with 109 federal charges

New Movies

The Hustle

Detective Pikachu


New Music

100 Bands-Mustard ftYG, Meek Mill, 21 Savage & Quavo

Mexican Mother’s Day is today

736a "I Need You To Help Punish My Son!":Ex Chronicles

Warren and Charlene have been dating for a year and recently Warren moved in with. Since the move in, Charlene wants Warren to punish her son, though he’s not comfortable due to the fact that he’s not his real father. Warren’s never met the birth father either

Charlene says she’s talked to friends and people have been biased with the situation, but thinks that Warren’s more of a father figure than her son’s father .

751a Ex Chronicles Calls

Drew, Little Italy says if you’re going to get into a relationship with a single parent and you’re adamant in punishing the kid, then leave

Hayley says she’s in a similar situation and says her guy isn’t comfortable punishing her child but adds that she’d like him to just be more stern

Akesha, San Carlos says it’s not his job and Charlene shouldn’t force the punishing to Warren

Warren says he’ll be present and support Charlene’s punishing but still doesn’t feel comfortable in doing it himself

Charlene thinks that it would be good for the relationship to which Tati recommends counseling



Taking on the Rockies at 5pm today


Telvin Smith says he’s out and focusing on family and health


Teamed up with a luxury line with shoes and more

New Music

Mary J Blige ft. Nas-Thriving

Logic ft Gucci Mane-Icy off his Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Beauty Marks-Ciara album

841A Lessons & Counting Blessings With Mom: Tati’s Two Cents

Tati says this comes with zero judgement and more sympathetic towards her mom. Yesterday her daughter Arie had a volleyball game and she decided to hand wash her uniform. This had Tati reminiscing the times her mom would wash clothes by hand in the Philippines as well as hand wash clothes with her mom in America. Tati thinks to herself about all the sacrifices her mom did for her, just like she does the same for her babygirl.

855a ICYMI


IPO to go public today

Red Socks

Is what the WH spelled when the team came

The Society

On Netflix is said to be a Sci-Fi thriller of Gossip Girl


The Wests

welcomed a baby boy via surrogate at 9a

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