Today On Frankie & Tati [5-16-19]

Thursday May 16, 2019

602a “Cockroaches Are Probably Coming Out Your A**!” Jamboozle

Francis calls his new neighbor saying that while he just moved in two weeks ago he apologizes for not meeting her before making this call. He says that there have been cockroaches found in the basement to which he says the exterminator said it's coming from her house! The neighbor says that at first she was delighted to meet him but now all she wants to do is kick his ass! Francis then says that she should talk to her boyfriend who’s behind the prank.

622a Take On Tati: Yes Or BS with Outrageous Oscar

Oscar, Kearny Mesa came ready to play with Tati and made it out a winner!

Highlight headline: A Florida man faces charges after waking up his girlfriend by slapping her with a cheeseburger for unknown reasons

635a The Sexiest Accents In America Were Ranked And You’d Be Surprised At Who Came In First! [The Shade Room]

In a survey created by travel company @bigseventravel, they polled 1.5 million people and came up with a list of the top 50 sexiest accents in the United States. We’ve established New Yorkers came in third. #Boston apparently came in second place, and the sexiest accent in America is… a TEXAN accent!

Other popular cities that came up on the survey are #Chicago coming in at #5, #Miami at 13, #NewOrleans at 25 and Atlanta at 31.

Frankie’s Bostonian accent came at #2, Tati’s Hawaiian accent came in at #7 and Sapphire’s Valley girl accent came at #46

656A ICYMI Challenge….Tati got 6.5 headlines

9a tODAY

Educational workers will be meeting today for ISA Fund via online

Better to Give

Plant Heart Meals this Sunday


Homecoming Doc on Netflix raked in 1.1M American views on it's first day


Redesigned bar with poop emojis and others


School Shooters have been charged in the murder of students; the shooters were 16 and 18

Alabama Abortions

Kay Ivey has made it illegal

735a Uber Introduces New 'Quiet Mode' Feature for Riders Who Don't Want to Talk to Their Drivers[YAHOO]

On Tuesday Uber said they will be introducing a new feature called “Quiet Mode” which will be for riders who prefer a silent trip . This will be available for Uber Black or Black SUV as a trial for now.

747A Uber Calls

Joe is an Uber driver saying he doesn’t mind talking to his passengers though it depends on the time of day. He says the best conversations are with the female riders who complain about men

A woman driver calls in about how she gave a ride to a dominatrix as well as a male escort who talked about their clients

Sapphire says Benny a driver in Oak Park says a passenger tried to sell him a homemade porn!!



Recalling Fusions 2013-2016 models

Will Smith

Fans are roasting him for dancing skills in Aladdin

Nipsey Hussle

Custody battle of 10 yr old Imani went on Tuesday where the birth mother is fighting

DJ Khaled

Father of Asaad dropping Friday at midnight, Nipsey is featured on there

848a Regrets From The Past: Tati’s Two Cents

Recently Lamar Odom has been in the news because he will be making a comeback in basketball and also came out about his past regrets. Tati says there’s alot of people out there who are struggling to come to terms with their sins of the past and Lamar released his memoir saying that he regrets the darkness he brought to Khloe. Don’t let anyone say because you’re an addict…you’re a bad person. You can change and learn from your mistakes.

855a ICYMI

Chris Brown

Indigo album dropping June 28th

Dr Drew

Has a new app that doctors can come to your home it's called Heal for $99 per visit

954a ICYMI

Border Wall

The man who raised $22m says that he will reveal when its time

Kodak Black

Facing 10 years in prison for lying though he did donate money for the funeral of the STEM high school student

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