Today On Frankie & Tati [5-20-19]

Another MOAN-day especially if you're recovering from that GOT finale..

.Ex Chronicles and more to keep you going!

601a “I’m House Sitting and Need Toilet Paper, Will You Wipe For Me?” Jamboozle

Francis calls his friend’s neighbor for some assistance in the bathroom...he’s crapping himself and in need of toilet paper. The female neighbor is disgusted as fart noises is heard and then Francis asks if there’s a towel or baby wipes; then asks if she would help wipe his ass. She then asks if her neighbor is pulling a prank and Francis denies adding that it was her friend behind it instead

617a Yes Or BS: Take On Headlines

Anthony in Ramona was 0-2 headlines and didn’t even get to the good stuff!

Highlight headline: A woman in Pennsylvania attacked her boyfriend with box cutters because he didn’t get her a birthday gift


Tevin Lam

Won $1m off a scratcher Lotto ticket off El Cajon BLVD

Robert F Smith

Billionaire spoke at Morehouse College graduation saying he’d pay off $40m in student debt

The Wests

Named baby #4 Psalm

737A "You Filmed Us?!": Ex Chronicles

Max calls in to confess that his phone was stolen and the homemade sex tape he made with his ex Jenny was on there. He’s freaking out and thinks it might be leaked.

Jenny is confused as to when this happened and she wants to know when, Max confesses that it was done on the fly in a hotel one 4th of July. Jenny is upset that Max thought it was best to go on the radio but Max says there was no other way to get to her. Frankie and Tati are questioning the legalities especially since she had no say in the tape being filmed.

747A Ex Chron Calls

Leah, Lemon Grove calls in saying she’d take matters into her own hands and try to seek options

Rican, Oceanside says Jenny has nothing to worry about there’s better content on PornHub, “who’s searching for her!?”

Jenny is lawyering up she feels violated, Max says “let’s get representation together” saying it would make a stronger case



Slipped under /500

The Gulls

Beat Chicago on Saturday

They play Wednesday

Box Office Numbers

1. "John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum", $57m

2. "Avengers: Endgame", $29.4m

3. "Detective Pikachu", $24.8m

4. "A Dog's Journey", $8m

5. "The Hustle", $6.1m


Finale, DJ Khaled paid tribute to Nipsey Hussle with Higher ft John Legend

842a “Take Their Word For It”: Tati’s Two Cents

Tati says there’s only a few times when it came to break ups she says the classic line “it’s not you, it's me came up.” When you say that, it can be pretty powerful words and it's not easy to say. She says most men will just cheat because they won’t admit their faults. While you may think it's a cop out line, just take it and leave them to better themselves...that’s if they’re truthful about it.

854a ICYMI


Was a no show at Omnia and was a no show people paid $70-100 WITHOUT REFUNDS

854a ICYMI


Was a no show at Omnia and was a no show people paid $70-100 WITHOUT REFUNDS

Rocky Long

In studio right now he’s the SDSU coach and announces the 44th annual Sky Show for tix for tix August 31st, first game of the season with Weber State Wildcats

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