Today On Frankie & Tati [5-21-19]

601a “ I’m Not Stealing It’s My Boy’s Account!”:Jamboozle

Francis calls as a collections agent to Netflix saying a man has been stealing an account since he’s not paying for it. The man says it’s not a stolen account since it's his friends but Francis insists that it's considered stealing since he’s watching without paying which will cost him $750. The man says that he could understand if he was watching Netflix Original programming but he’s only watching a show provided through another network. After a debate over Pokemon cards and college degrees

618a Yes Or BS: Take On Tati With Raging Rachel

Rachel, unsure where she’s exactly at but suspects Encanto and unfortunately lost!

Highlight headline: A Disney World employee stole $7k of merchandise and was caught after attempting to sell online

636a Texting While Walking Ban [NBCNEWS]

NYC is proposing a law to ban texting and walking! If passed the fine could be $25-50 on a first offense with repeat offenders seeing a fine up to $250! Tati says during her vacation in Hawaii this past weekend she was almost hit as well as her niece will texting!

655a ICYMI Challenge...9 headlines in 95.7 seconds...Tati gets 9 with 6 seconds to spare


Beat Diamondbacks 2-1


Spruance and Stockdale returned yesterday from deployment


Took place over the weekend at Mt Carmel HS congrats to Helix’s Eric Porter, Point Loma’s Altan Mitchell. Madison’s Kenan Christon on their wins in the 400, triple jump and 100/200

Madison’s Aysha Shahee won in the women’s 100/200, Coronado’s Alysah Hickey in long jump and SD high’s Sonia Redon and Charlize James took 1-2 in the 100 mtr hurdles


Fans in SD, there’s a woman who can help cope with the finale woes, Dr. Janina Scarlet can help via Skype sessions as she’s a clinical psychologist and avid fan who specializes in incorporating pop cultural into psychology


Abortions bans have celebs like Travis Scott showing support by donating merchandise profits to Planned Parenthood


Gay wedding episode was banned in Alabama


Harvard business acceptance

Stranger Things

July 4 new trailer sizzles with ‘hot for lifeguard’


Deposed in lawsuit against Blac Chyna

736a Parenting WWYD: Kid Brings Knife To School[Discussion]

A concerned parent in Chula Vista calls in about her son who goes to school Bonita saying a kid in her son’s class brought a pocket knife. She said she talked to the school secretary who brushed her off as she was just calling as a concerned parent for her child’s safety. The mother called the CV school board who said law enforcement should’ve been called and the principal said that there was no threat or intent to harm. The little boy only got sent to the principal’s office and refused to check his bag daily.

746A Student Knife Calls

A woman calls saying her son was the one who brought a knife to school(different school), they suspended him for 3 days, they had meetings and went before the school board

Megan, Santee says her son brought one accidentally in the first grade, she says the mother needs to MYOB and do something better

Diana, National City says she was on the opposite end, her son was in trouble for bringing a suspected weapon and says there’s two sides to a story

Tati’s son brought a knife on accident after a camping trip \

756a ICYMI


Reported being kidnapped in Rancho Penasquitos

No suspects found or arrested

842A Time: Tati’s Two Cents

Tati admits that she gets on her high horse at times and says time is FREE. People says “time is money” but it isn’t when it comes to taking time to spend it with loved ones. Money can’t buy the time to make someone feel appreciated. She says when she went to Hawaii over the weekend, she spent time with loved ones and was able to make them feel good even when she wasn’t feeling good herself. She says now is time for her to have some time to herself. Spend time with yourself, if it hurts step back. It’s okay to do so.


John Wick

4th installment coming May 21, 2021


First openly gay black Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been inaugurated

953a ICYMI


Extended free tickets for US Military and 3 guests until July

Blac Chyna

Still defending her statement of enrolling into Harvard Business school, she said she wasn’t accepted but that she was enrolling! Unlike Ciara

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