Today On Frankie & Tati [5-22-19]

602a Gym Manager Prank Call

Francis the gym manager strikes again this time telling a woman she’s become a problem for male gym members. He says a man she was spotting claims that he was thrown off as she was constantly winking at him, another man complained that her gym clothes are more like club wear. She’s frustrated and shocked that this call is being made. Francis adds that her cheap perfume has also caused issues aka “makes her skanky” in which she says “cancel my membership”. It’s then revealed her sister is behind the prank!

620a Take On Tati With Smarty Silvia

Silvia, CV just got to work and ready to put in work with the crazy headlines! She came out as a winner!

Highlight headline: : A dad in Oregon faked a robbery and used $700 of his daughter's Girl Scout cookie sale money to pay for an erotic massage

635A The Ten Biggest Decisions We Make in Our Lives . . . and Yes, Having Kids Is #1 (Beagle Street / OnePoll)

FULL STORY: What's the biggest . . . or hardest . . . decision you've ever had to make in your life? A new survey asked 2,000 adults. And having KIDS was the #1 answer. Because yeah, it changes everything. Here are the top ten . . .

1. Whether or not to have kids.

2. Getting married.

3. A big move to a new home.

4. Learning to drive. (Is that really a "decision"?)

5. When to retire.

6. Buying property with your significant other.

7. Deciding to break-up when you're in a serious relationship.

8. Figuring out how to save or spend your money.

9. Getting a divorce.

10. Quitting a job.

656A ICYMI Challenge...9 headlines in 95.7 seconds Tati gets

32 Year Old Man

Was arrested for the kidnapping of the Rancho Penasquitos woman, he has been identified as Seyed Hassan Kaboli


Left behind in South Bay neighborhood as well as cameras catching a thief breaking into cars

Stop the Bans

National Day of action took place nationwide including here in SD over the abortion bans

Jason Mitchell

Fired from the Chi over sexual misconduct by his girlfriend on the show as well as other female cast members

Jada Pinkett Smith

Opened up about past porn addiction on Monday’s Red Table Talk

Eric Holder

indicted on May 9th for Nipsey Hussle’s murder


Padres take on Diamondbacks

Gulls take on Chicago

Celeb Bdays

Johnny Gill

Naomi Campbell

Maggie Q


Wendy Williams will have Bryce Vine today

739a “Why Are You Still Following Your Ex?!”: Ex Chronicles

Kristin and Marcus are dating, but Kristin’s having some issues over social media. She says Marcus got upset that her ex’s IG account popped up to which he says she needs to delete him! Marcus says if roles were reversed, she’d do the same to him. Kristin says she wouldn’t be mad if he were to follow a bikini clad ex, saying “she ain’t even cute!”

747A Ex Chronicles Calls

Cheryl, Oceanside says she saves her ex’s numbers to avoid their calls, also says she doesn’t care about them on social media

A woman says she has male and female exes and asks what is really bothering Marcus

Chris, El Cajon says he’s with Marcus saying that if she’s serious about the relationship she needs to delete the ex

Shay, Oceanside says she’s been in a situation where her ex was following another ex, they broke up over it

754a ICYMI

NBA Youngboy

Wants to pay for the funeral of the innocent bystander who was shot in Miami, the intended target was Youngboy

Lil Nas X

Bought Billy Ray Cyrus a Maserati!

841A You Don’t Have To Prove A Thing: Tati’s Two Cents

You really don’t realize how hard you try to uphold an image until someone points it out. Tati says during her recent visit to Hawaii she was called out by a friend who said that “you don’t always have to be on when you’re around us, we’re friends”. Tati says that she says that while she has had a new life, she’s still the same girl but agreed that she does need to relax. 

854a ICYMI

Anti Abortion Rally

11a-1p Mira Mesa


Rumors of the show being done after 16 years but just recently signed an extra 3 year deal Tom Hanks on today

Jimmy Fallon

Millie Bobby Brown tonight

Ice T

Warning folks about Amazon’s delivery people after he almost shot one of the drivers thinking they were an intruder

955a ICYMI

Murder Inc

Reunion tour coming soon


Gave Raptors coach massage

Cardi b

Trademarked Bocktails

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