Today On Frankie & Tati[5-23-19]

602a “What Do You Mean We Share Electricity?!?” Jamboozle

Francis calls as the energy company of SD telling a man that due to his high energy usage he will have the power shut off for 72 hours! The man angrily says there’s no way they can do that because he paid his bill and demands to speak to a manager. Manager Thotiana jumps on and it's revealed to be a prank from his girlfriend.

616A Yes Or BS: Take On Tati With Sassy Sienna

Sienna was in Frankie’s hood of Little Italy and couldn’t win due to some very convincing headlines

Highlight Headline: Two Louisiana teens laced their teacher’s coffee with stain remover as a prank that went to Snapchat!

635a Five Things That Make People Dislike You (Business Insider)

FULL STORY: We all want to be liked. But if you try too hard, it can backfire. Here are five things that can instantly make people like you less . . .

1. Humblebragging. That's where you pretend to be self-deprecating, but you're really saying something positive about yourself. People see through it, and it's a turn-off.

2. Including a smiling emoji in work emails. Smiling in person makes people like you. But emojis can make you seem less competent. Especially in a professional setting.

3. Using an extreme close-up as your profile pic. According to research, four-and-a-half feet is the best distance between you and the camera lens. Pictures taken from a foot or two away make you seem less trustworthy.

4. Sharing too many photos of the same people. According to research, friends don't like seeing too much of your family. And your family doesn’t like seeing too many friend photos. So you might want to consider a more balanced approach.

5. Never talking about yourself. Asking questions is a common tip we hear, because most people like talking about themselves. But you CAN ask too many. And when you never talk about yourself, it's harder for people to feel close to you.


TB Scare

In SB middle school at Mar Vista Academy free testing May 20th

SD County

A SDPD officer fatally assaulted a man in self defense in August was ruled as justified

Migrant Child

Died in Sept last year, no one talked about it until now, the 10 year old is one out of 6 migrant children

Wendy Williams

Son punched father cops arrested the son

Will Smith

Dj Khaled remixed Friend Like Me which is at the end credits of Aladdin


Ex manager Kevin Foster forced to pay $6m in stolen funds as well as has to pay back Brian McKnight

Grand Jury

Indicted Nipsey killer, Eric Holder who pled not guilty again


Jamie Foxx and his daughter Corrine will be on Kelly and Ryan

YG and Tyga on Ellen

National Lucky Penny Day


James Charles[youtube]


7:35 At What Age Do You Allow Your Kids Out Unsupervised[Discussion]

At what age did your parents allow you to go unsupervised? Let alone what age do allow your kids to go out? Tati's unsure of the age to allow her daughter to go to the mall so SD parents give their advice to her.

745a Parent Call

Woman calls in to say she’s a mom of 3: 4,5 and 15 and as a kid she was loose kid running about and her 15 year old son is now just going out unsupervised. She says her middle child is a daughter

Jasmine, Oceanside has two kids in middle school, they’re independant she makes sure her kids friends are well as well as familiar with the parents

Amanda, La Mesa has a daughter 11 and doesn’t allow her out alone, but says her friends are good and is slowly adapting to allowing her out with them

Jerome, Skyline was out at 13 and says 8th grade is an acceptable age


A mom calls in to say she put on a disguise, sat at a Panera to monitor her daughter’s mall outing at Grossmont. 20 minutes later she spotted them out!

100 Yr Old Bowler

Marge Ritacco celebrated her big birthday and is a local bowler at Bowlero in San Marcos

Inside NBA

Host Kenny Smith dealing with a nasty divorce that involves $16k in child support as well as $28k in spousal support

The Chi

Tiffany Boone being victim shamed for her accusations against Jason Mitchell

842a You Have To Fall Sometimes: Tati’s Two Cents

The most hardest lessons are learned through failures. When we tell our kids “we got you” they don’t get to learn from their mistakes. Tati admits she does it on a regular basis with everyone...let people fall on their faces. Because when they wake up and become 30 they’ll be stuck in situations they could’ve avoided when they were younger.

853a ICYMI

Lemon Grove

Improving Lemon Grove hosting a basketball tournament event June 1st

Trayvon Harris was a victim of a hit and run

Gas Prices

Going up this Memorial Day weekend

Ben Simmons

And Kendall Jenner called it quits

Post Malone

Sunglasses coming out today

953a ICYMI

Mission Beach

A man was taken into custody after shooting another man on a bike, he also was found with multiple guns inside his home


Won 3-2 against Chicago game 4 coming soon

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