Today On Frankie & Tati [5-30-19]

602a “You Thought I Was A Crazy B*tch Before…” Jamboozle

Francis calls a woman in regards to her dinner reservations in which he says 7 of the 10 people who were scheduled to come have cancelled. The woman confused as to why people didn’t call her directly and decided to call the restaurant instead to which Francis calls her a crazy b*tch then grabs Thotianna to handle her.Francis adds that maybe these people are scared of her or just don’t want to deal with her directly. After more arguing back and forth it's revealed to be a prank carried out by her boyfriend.

619a Yes Or BS: Take On Tati With Coy Cloyd

Cloyd, Poway wasn’t a winner but had so comebacks for Frankie butchering his name

Highlight headline : A Florida Target employee was bit by a 4ft python on the's unknown how that snake got there

635a Low Uber Rating Can Get You Banned [USA Today]

  • In a post on Tuesday the ride sharing app revealed:
  • "Riders may lose access to Uber if they develop a significantly below average rating," said Kate Parker, Uber's head of safety brand and initiatives, in the post. "Riders will receive tips on how to improve their ratings, such as encouraging polite behavior, avoiding leaving trash in the vehicle and avoiding requests for drivers to exceed the speed limit."
  • Parker adds that riders will be given several opportunities to improve their rating before losing access
  • Also there’s a city minimum rating that will vary city to city for riders

655A ICYMI Challenge 9 stories in 95.7 sec…


Lost 0-7 to Yankees

Smallest Baby

Released from Sharp Mary yesterday she was born in Dec at 8.6 ounces and is now 5 pounds nicknamed Saybie

Jimmy Durante Blvd

Opened after 5 weeks just in time for the SD County Fair


Set himself on fire near the WH he died from his injuries , he was identified as 33 year old Arnav Gupta


Thinks doc mess with people with bipolarism he shares his thoughts on Letterman’s Netflix show tomorrow

R Kelly

Accusers are giving testimony to grand jury over details of him

Kodak Black

Denied bail as judge says he’s a danger to the public

Tiffany Haddish

Left her bag in an audition one time saying she heard the casting directors calling her ghetto etc

738A Social Media Accounts and Your Kids: Discussion

LeBron James’s son Bronny has earned 1million followers on IG after 24 hours of being on the social media site. LeBron told his son back in 2016 that in the summer of 2019 he could get an IG account. Tati says her daughter is on IG at 11 years old because she finally got her a phone. Tati says though she’s aware of the account, she could always create a secret one.

747a Social Media Calls

Ashley, IB has a 12 year old daughter who doesn’t have IG, she says as a mother she’s not comfortable knowing if she had one especially with the content she sees. She trusts her daughter, but doesn’t trust what she sees

Alexa, Spring Valley is neutral to the thought, her 17 year old has Snapchat but no IG, her 14 year old son has an IG account but mom has control over it

Glennette, is a grandmother of grandbabies ranging from 7-15 who have social media of all kinds. She says it's a way to keep contact, and regulates the content they see

755a ICYMI

Alex Trebek

The 78 year old host gave an update to his cancer which is in near remission and has been responding well to chemo His own docs are in awe as the tumors have shrunk by 50%

841A Habits Of Happy People: Tati’s Two Cents

Tati says alot of the times with her Two Cents it reflects off of what resonates with her. She read something in regards to the habits of happy people . 1. Ignore nonsense 2. Talk less 3. Learn new skills 4. Help less fortunate 5. Laugh 6. Wake up early 7. No entitlement 8. Be grateful

853a ICYMI

Jordyn Woods

Will be making her acting debut on Grownish for Season 3 airing next week


Ali Wong’s film Always Be My Maybe dropped yesterday with a kiss from Keanu in the film


Winner Kodi Lee blew folks away with his rendition of Song For You by Donny Hathaway he’s blind!

954a ICYMI

Lil Nas X

Surprised an elementary school in Ohio performing for the kids

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