Today On Frankie & Tati[ 5-31-2019]

602A “You Left Grass Trimmings…” Jamboozle

Francis calls as a ticket agent to tell a man he left his bag of grass shaving aka a bag of weed. The man straight up denies, and Francis asks if he wants him to tell his mom and he hangs up on him. Francis calls him back in which angers the man more and it's revealed to be a prank from his friend. “I NEED TO TAKE A COLD SHOWER AND CALM DOWN” he says before laughing it off.

619A Yes Or BS: Take On Tati With No Nonsense Nancy

Nancy, Mira Mesa was not playing around as she beat the undefeated Tati!!

Highlight headline: A Colombian woman got her head stuck inside a gate for 5 hours after spying on her neighbors

656a ICYMI Challenge

National Smile Day

National Macaroon Day

Male Caller

Made a threat to a Spring Valley school about a shooting which promted the school to go on lockdown...they’re now on alert


Are looking for a man who gave a bear hug to a young child at El Camino; the man was described as scruffy in his 50 and possibly homeless


Are the first Canadians to win a NBA Game 1

Drake trolled Steph Curry by wearing his dad’s jersey

E-40 was present at the game as well despite the loss 118-109

White Manager

Has been fired after waving a gun at a black couple for having a picnic on a campground

736a “A Kiss Isn't A Hook Up!”: Ex Chronicles

Brianna calls in about her boyfriend Andrew who’s not getting along with her best friend, Sharon . She says this affecting both relationships, Andrew says there’s nothing to discuss about the friend to which Tati asks if they hooked up...Brianna clears the air as saying that they shared a kiss a while ago. Andrew says Sharon makes it more awkward and may even have more feelings than Brianna is willing to accept.

746a Ex Chronicles Calls

Vinny says he’s on both sides, she’s hiding something, he’s hiding something then suggests 3’s company!!

Cassandra says there’s something going on with the best friend and she thinks it's shady competition

Top Dawg says that Andrew might be hitting Sharon! He says there’s something not right

Lennox is with Andrew saying he doesn’t need to explain himself anymore

Brianna says she’s just going to do some reevaluating when it comes to Sharon and their friendship 

753a ICYMI

Decorated NAVY SEAL

Who was facing a murder trial for the death of an Islamic State prisoner was freed Thursday after the judge cited interference by prosecutors


Charged with 11 new sex crimes there’s some that have up 30 years in prison

In Theatres



Godzilla: King of the Monsters

On Netflix

When They See Us directed by Ava Duvernay about the Central Park 5

Always Be My Maybe

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with Kanye West

840a Listen To That Inner Voice: Tati’s Two Cents

Tati says through her experiences, when you feel drained, lost or just not yourself...listen to that inner voice. Prayers are always needed, there’s something in us that will talk to you...just listen and have a conversation with that guiding light in you. Surrender and let that voice speak...the answers are there just be patient.

852a ICYMI

Cardi B

Dropped new single Press, the visuals are out as well she’s in court today and didn’t take the plea deal

Tory Lanez

Dropped single with Quavo Broke Leg


Heavily trolled Steph Curry and even picked lint from his head which he said he’s selling on Ebay

955a ICYMI

La Jolla

Party turned rowdy at 4:30a no arrests made but gun shot shells were found at the scene


Carmen: A Hip Hopera with Beyonce

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