Today On Frankie & Tati [5-8-2019]

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

603A Super Salty Steak Jamboozle

Francis the steakhouse manager calls a man about his steak dinner he sent back in which he said the first one was too salty and the other was prepared wrong when he told them he wanted medium -rare and it came back well done. Francis apologizes but says due to company policy they will have to charge him regardless. The man gets upset over the fact that the restaurant will not honor the mistake and called the service horrible. Francis then questions the size of the bite and it's revealed to be a prank from his wife.

635a 4.4% of People Only Change Their Underwear Every Four Days[Quality Logo Products]

FULL STORY:  When you get to work, look around at 25 of your coworkers and know this: Statistically, one of them is wearing the same underwear they've had on since Saturday

According to a new survey, 4.4% of Americans wear the same pair of underwear for FOUR DAYS or more before they change 'em.

And another 9% of people wear the same pair for two to three days. That means 13.4% of people, or roughly one out of seven, don't change their underwear daily.

And if you're wondering whether those people who don't change their underwear are showering . . . they're not. 4.4% of people also say they only shower every four to five days.

Is it the same 4.4% of people who don't change their underwear? We're not sure . . . but probably.

The survey also found 6.2% of people don't brush their teeth every day . . . and 3.4% change the sheets on their bed less than four times a year.

653a ICYMI….9 Stories in 95.7 Seconds...Tati Gets 8 Stories


Will extend their Teacher Appreciation Fun Card until the end of the year! Valid also in Texas for all up to date teachers with their credentials


Received a call about a couple waving a rifle outside of Hotel Palms it turned out to be a bong replica

Meth Seizures

Are up across the border by 97%


STEM high school had a shooting where one student was left dead and two students were identified as the shooters, they're now in custody


Bans abortions once a fetal heart is detected

Cell Phone

Footage of Sandra Bland has been uncovered and the family wants the case to be reopened

Duke and Duchess

Have shown off the baby but we still are left without a name

21 Savage

Going on tour this summer

718a Avengers Assemble!

Tati said she was all excited that she’s almost done collecting the McDonald’s Avengers toys, then realized she lost the Hulk! She’s also waiting to get Groot which will be released Friday!

736a “She’s Wearing My Perfume!!”:Ex Chronicles

Shaun says he loves his wife Laura and says they hired a nanny for their 3 year old son...he says Laura suspects that the nanny wants him due to her getting the same perfume, and other “suspicious behavior”! He says the nanny is too good to let go and assures the audience NOTHING IS GOING ON!

Laura says the moment the nanny started wearing the same perfume she’s been rocking since 6th grade she suspected that there was more going on. She says the nanny is a millennial and that she feels that she’s trying to moving in on her husband!

756a ICYMI


7-6 loss to the Mets

SD Humane Society

Will put up 100 pidgeons for adoption 11a-3p today

Tyra Banks

Out of retirement, the 45 year old is on the cover of Sports Illustrated


Excited about Drake’s sweatshirt which was a tribute to Breaker High the old Canadian tv show to the Raptors Game last night

Gucci Mane

received a temporary permit to enter and perform in Canada

821a Frankie and Ear Candling

Frankie was at the gym yesterday, when Courtney asked him to pick up these holistic candles used for Ear Candling which removes wax, bugs, pollen etc from your ears! Tati is in disbelief, Sapphire says she likes watching videos on this.

842a Get Out Of Your Thoughts: Tati’s Two Cents

Tati says she was lucky that at a young age she had someone point out her flaws. She says this person wasn’t trying to put her down, but cared. She says you gotta be honest with yourself and get out of your thoughts, if you can’t do that hire a professional stranger for the help!

856a ICYMI

Royal Baby Name

Has been revealed! Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor

National Days




956a ICYMI


#BillionaireDollarLoser is trending after reports are out about his worth


The “new” is what Odell Beckham Jr is calling this year’s team

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