Today On Frankie & Tati [6-6-2019]

603A “The Only Green I Care About Is Money!” Jamboozle

Francis calls as an apartment management to tell a man that he will be charged $11,000 for solar panels that will be solely installed at his unit! The man says there’s no way this is possible and that he doesn’t want it due to him paying for PG&E! As he gets more angry as Francis tries to negotiate on the payment of the panels and it’s revealed to be a prank

621a Take On Tati: Yes Or BS With Perked Up Philly

Philly, Hillcrest was anxious to take on Tati but lost sadly due to some great headlines

Highlight Headline: A 53 year old man called 911 on a prostitute who refused to leave his home as he wanted to go to church

635-The Top 10 People Who Are "Romantically Off Limits" Include a Friend's Partner, Your Boss, and a Coworker (Eden Fantasys)

FULL STORY: A new survey asked people who in their life is "romantically off limits" . . . either to date, or possibly just get-it-on with. And here are the top 10 . . .

1. A friend's partner. 50% of people say they're off limits. So only half of people?

2. Someone in a relationship, 46%.

3. A friend's ex, 40%.

4. One of your parents' friends, 40%.

5. Your boss, 40%.

6. Your ex's sibling, 38%.

7. Someone who was your teacher, 38%.

8. One of your ex's friends, 34%.

9. Someone 20 years older or younger than you, 32%.

10. A coworker, 28%.

But . . . just because someone is "off limits" to you, that clearly doesn't mean EVERYONE thinks of them that way. Here are the 10 "off limits" people who a good number of people HAVE had sex with . . .

1. Someone in a relationship, 41%.

2. A coworker, 33%.

3. A neighbor, 29%.

4. Someone you only know from the Internet, 26%.

5. Someone 20 years older or younger, 22%.

6. Someone long distance, 22%.

7. Your friend's partner, 22%.

8. One of your ex's friends, 21%.

9. Your friend's ex, 20%.

10. A roommate, 20%.

654a ICYMI Challenge ...Tati gets 6 in 95.7 seconds

Swarm Of Ladybugs

Came up on the SD weather radar due to a bloom of the species


Memorial has been revealed for the 75th anniversary in Normandy yesterday

Game 3

Raptors beat Warriors 123-109

Game 4 tomorrow in Oakland


Courtside at the game with Jay-Z and looked annoyed by a woman who was talking to them was the owner of GSWs


Removing 1000s of videos promoting Neo-Nazism and White Supremacy 


Confounded a record label with 4 locations: LA, ATL, Miami and NYC  it's called Akanda

737a Mount Rushmore Of Hip Hop...Who You Got?

Tati saw a tweet from XXL Mag that asked who would be your Mt. Rushmore of Hip Hop

Tati says she had a hard time with her 4th choice but says 2Pac, Biggie, Kanye, and became conflicted with either Missy or Lauryn Hill

Frankie says Biggie, 2Pac, Eminem and Ma$e

746a Mount Rushmore Calls

Woman calls and says Pac, Snoop, Biggie and Ice Cube

Nicholas, Rancho Bernardo says Logic, NF, Eminem and Nicki Minaj

Another woman calls to Nas, Rakim, Biggie and Jay-Z

Excalibur, Vista says Dre, 2pac, Tech N9ne

Benny, Escondido says Eve, Nas, Biggie, 2Pac

Andy, Lemon Grove says 2Pac, Nipsey Hussle, Biggie and Eazy-E

755a ICYMI

Court Appearance

Drew Breeze NFL player in court over fraud jewels


Will stop fetal tissue medical research which uses aborted fetuses

Homeless Rate

In LA has gone up

Beverly Hills

Is the first US city to ban tobacco sales

When They See Us

Actor Jharrel Jerome who played Korey Wise says he mentally is not the same since filming due to the intense immersion of portraying the isolated Wise in prison

Fyre Fest

“An amazing idea” Ja Rule told Breakfast Club

840A Avoid These Red Flags: Tati’s Two Cents

A quote about red flags in life that will come to haunt you later in life sparked a convo between Tati and her husband the other night. She says those who are or possess: lack of communication, lack of trust, being irresponsible and selfish, controlling behaviors, secretive pasts, no resolutions with past relationships or the urge to NEED someone. 

853a ICYMI


2-5pm due to International Currency exchange international dollars/coins for international goodies!


No longer being played on KBLX which is a SF station due his trolling during the finals

954a ICYMI


Face Nationals at 710pm tonight


Says he’s going into politics

DJ Khaled

Threw a tantrum reportedly since Father of Asaad went #2 losing to Tyler the Creator’s Igor 

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