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Wednesday April 9, 2019

603a Department Store Jamboozle

Francis calls a woman to say the clothing she left in the dressing room and didn’t buy was damaged and he will have to charge her credit card. The woman says that’s ridiculous and Francis says some of the clothes were stretched out and stained from cheap makeup which resulted in $384 worth of damages. She’s upset that Francis called out for wearing cheap makeup and threatens to cancel the charges on the card suggesting to use a Tide stick to fix the makeup issue. She also calls out Francis for his attitude and suggests this has to be a bogus call. It’s revealed it was her roommate and she’s going to shred clothes in her closet.

620A Yes Or BS: Take On Tati With Official Mitchell

Mitchell is playing no games in wanting a victory

Highlight headline A Nashville woman who was recently indicted in a murder case now faces additional charges after walking into a Waffle House DRUNK AND NAKED WAVING A GUN!

6:35- Do you shower like everyone else?

 A recent survey found most people wash their hair first . . . 75% of us use body wash, not soap . . . 44% just use our hands instead of a loofa or washcloth . . . and 78% of us have CRIED in the shower before.

Over 50,000 people recently took a BuzzFeed poll

1. Do you shower in the morning, at night, or both? 28% said morning . . . 43% said night . . . 25% said both . . . and 4% said they usually shower in the afternoon.

2. What part of your body do you wash first? Hair was the #1 answer with 65% of the vote. Then your body, 19% . . . and your face, 13%.

3. Do you use body wash or soap? 75% of us use body wash now . . . 24% use soap . . . and 1% said they just use water. (???)

4. Do you use a washcloth, a loofa, or just your hands? The most popular answer was just your HANDS, 44%. 38% said a loofa . . . 14% said a washcloth . . . and 4% said they used something else.

5. Do you shave in the shower? Only 11% of people said they never do.

6. Have you ever CRIED in the shower? 78% of us have.

7. Have you had shower SEX? 57% said yes. And another 32% haven't, but want to.

8. Do you ever sing in the shower? 77% of us do it.

9. Do you ever pee in the shower? 80% of people said yes.


Wiz Khalifa

Coming to CV in Aug


Johnson no longer with the Lakers


Retiring with Dallas


Tix sold out in 20mins at Staples Center memorial

Funeral making 25 stops

Died 35 mins after shooting

Lauren London

Vows to always “represent for my King”

Chris Brown

Dropping back to love video Friday

Billboard Music Awards

Khalid, Normani named as first batch of acts performing Kelly Clarkson hosting


Has new music will hold on releasing it out of respect for the death of Nipsey

Coming To America

Confirmed sequel coming through Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall

738a “I Love You But I Love My Space Too!”

Ben wants Camina to move into his apartment but refuses to move into her studio. She says that there’s nothing wrong with his place but that she’s not ready for that step in their relationship. Ben says as a man he could provide better, but Camina says it’s just the fact she wants her own space and do her own thing with their relationship.


Woman chimes in to say that she’s been married for 3 years and sees where Ben is coming from, “You can’t use past experiences to move forward”

Sonia thinks that Frankie’s more scared of Courtney taking notes, but advises the couple to give a few more months

Another woman says that her boyfriend and her have separate spaces and it works for their relationship

Sarah, El Cajon suggest they find a new place altogether and discuss finances from there

Dee says after two years they need to decide if they’re in the same book being that they’re on separate pages

Camina says she’ll give it chance but her lease isn’t up until July and will sublease if needed

756a ICYMI

SD Man

Accused of murdering a man in Australia

Alex Dion, 38 found a man’s body in Sydney Olympic park

Lori Loughlin

Indicted on money laundering charges

If guilty she will have a 4-5yrs stint in prison

Kodak Black

Says he doesn’t care about TI taking down footage from his Trap Museum

843a “Work Hard To Work Smart”: Tati’s Two Cents

During the Blue Heart Foundation signing day,Dr George L. Conley Jr. admitted he took his time for finishing his degree “I had to work hard to work smart”. Tati reflects that paths in life come from all different walks of life; if you are someone who goes to college and finishes their degree, kudos! Your experiences are what make you...YOU.



Johnson no longer with the Lakers


Retiring with Dallas


Tix sold out in 20mins at Staples Center memorial IT'S BEEN RUMORED THE TIX CANT BE SOLD DUE TO IT HAVING THE PURCHASER'S NAME

956a ICYMI

Girls on The Run

If you go to any SD Chiptole location today mention Girls on the Run San Diego and 33% of your purchase will go back to our council.Funds raised will go toward scholarships for low-income schools and families in San Diego to take part in the program.


Scalper on eBay sold someone tix for $400


A father’s 3year has locked him out of his device until 2065

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