Today on Frankie & Tati In The Morning (4-9-19)

603a “That MFer Eats More Than Me!!” : Jamboozle

Francis calls as a buffet manager saying they’re going to double charge a woman’s dinner saying that the waiter saw her and her husband ate for more than two people. The woman can’t believe the call saying that she’s frequented the restaurant in the past and never has had an issue eating there. She threatens him saying she knows people around town adding that she will make sure that he dies in that restaurant. It's then revealed that her husband was the one who did the prank

620a Yes Or BS: Take On Tati With Dapper Dan

Daniel, San Marcos is a sleepyhead who fails at seeing through the bs headlines

Highlight Headline: A cop in Connecticut was wearing a bowtie and tap shoes as he chased after a car thief

635a Splitting the Bill Etiquette

Frankie says his friends and him split the bill evenly or even have one person cover tip if someone over spends

Tati had a designated check overseer

Sapphire says there’s always a fight when it comes to the bill

654a ICYMI


Ruling has been made and the cherish place is still open


At Bonita HS was needed after a threat over the weekend….it’s been resolved and ended up being not a threat


Trap Museum has taken all footage of Kodak Black


Memorial at Staples free tix for 4 people who all must show up at the same time available on now


Cancelled Coachella performance due to sick band members


And Gabrielle Union’s son was at Miami Pride with the support of both parents….DWade wasn’t there but posted footage on IG

Felicity Huffman

Pled guilty ASKING FOR 0-10 months probation for college payoffs

Kyle Korver

Utah Jazz says that white people need to be held accountable


Marvin and Tati were talking over lunch saying is it better to ask for forgiveness than to get permission from the boss first. Marvin says sometimes you just gotta do it then ask for forgiveness after; Tati says that’s not the way to go about it; but also says she gives the bosses a heads up later. Frankie says he rather see what’s ahead than to be blinds


A boss calls in saying don’t have me go through hoops, if I have your back you’ll be good! So always be straight up and honest. He’d reprimand the individual who’d go behind his back; he has over 300 employees so he rather build the trust and feed them with knowledge

756a ICYMI


Are looking for the shooter of a man in Lakeside


Antonio Allen were arrested in GA during a traffic stop for weed possession, possesion of firearm

Bernie Sanders

Believes convicted felons deserve the right to vote


Hugh Hefner

Jazmine Sullivan

Keisha Knight Pulliam

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