Today On Frankie & Tati[4-26-19]

A divorce might be saved in Ex Chronicles, Sapphire and Tati are excited for Avengers:Endgame...

604A- “You Raising My Blood Pressure Man”Jamboozle

Francis calls as a vending machine company to a man saying there’s been an issue that he was involved in. He says the man paid for one bag of snacks and a second one came down; acusing him of stealing! The man can’t believe that someone is calling him about a $.50 bag of snacks to which Francis says he needs to pay $1000 for stealing.

621A Yes Or BS: Take On Tati With Lucky Lace

Lace in El Cajon came ready for a victory against Ms. T!

Highlight headline: A pizzeria in Tx was forced to shut down after an employee posted to FB about putting laxatives in the food


  • About 55 minutes in

Setting: Japan

We see what Hawkeye/Ronin has been up to, but we already knew he was going to be joining up with the gang at some point, so you’re not missing much here other than a rainy fight scene.

  • About 1 hour and 3 minutes in

Setting: Avengers HQ

If you’re sick and tired of hearing about what the Infinity Stones are, go ahead and make a WikiLeak. This scene is mostly comedic and isn’t really telling you anything you don’t already know.

  • About 1 hour and 10 minutes in

Setting: [Spoiler]

  • Thor and Rocket go somewhere together but there’s a couple minutes of inconsequential banter, so this is a good time to make a quick stop at the urination station.
  • About 1 hour and 40 minutes in

Setting: New Jersey

  • A car will drive by and cut to a new scene. This is your cue to drop the kids off at the pool

657a ICYMI 9 Headlines in 95.7 seconds...Tati only made 6 headlines


Estate launches poetry month competition and you could win a merch bundle

John Singleton

In a coma after stroke last week in LA's Cedar Sinai. Singleton's the director of Boyz N The Hood, Poetic Justice and Higher Learning. He's also the Exec Producer of FX's Snowfall


Might be starting a church, Kim K tweeted how proud she is of husband's spiritual vision since Coachella's Sunday Service


according to a site called HerpAlert there was a spike in folks getting treated for herpes near the concert town

New Orleans

Antoinette Love, a graduating senior at the International High School of New Orleans has been accepted to 115 colleges/universities


Are looking into 3 drugged Spring Valley children who have been sent to Rady's the mother is being investigated

738a “We’re Not Married, We’re Basically Roomies!”:Ex Chronicles

Barbara calls in about her separated husband Tim and wants him to sign the papers for divorce. She says whenever she wanted something from him he always pushed it back. They were married for 6 years and blames that Tim was never existent; there wasn’t affection and attention being paid to her. She thinks that he doesn’t want to pay alimony let alone child support for their two kids. Tim jumps on upset saying he’s always “loved her and the kids”...

750A Ex Chronicles Calls

Woman says that Barbara needs to be a little more compassionate of Tom’s hardworking life

Leilani, Kearny Mesa is with Barbara saying it’s unfortunate that some men wait until the last minute to show love and affection “when women are done they’re done”

Paulina, Serra Mesa is in between saying both of them are valid but he also can’t read her mind and she should’ve communicated better

Mary, North Park says that Barbara sounds selfish and should’ve initiated counseling especially with the kids involved

Barbara says she doesn’t want counseling and she’s done with Tom

Tom says there needs to be a mediator for what’s to come

755a ICYMI

Gun Show

Ban has passed to prevent sales at Del Mar gun/ammunition shows

Joe Biden

Announced candidacy and asked Obama NOT to endorse him


Hussle fans wants Crayola to rename Bluetiful after the rapper to either Nipsey Blue or The Marathon Continues

New Music

SchoolBoy Q

dropped new album CrasH Talk with song Floating ft. 21 Savage

GOT Soundtrack

Featuring song Too Many Gods with ASAP Rocky and Joey Bada$$

841A Be More Appreciative:Tati’s Two Cents

Appreciation Friday, yesterday Tati was fortunate to have lunch with her soul sister yesterday and is thankful for the blessings she has. She adds that you need to be thankful for the place you live in because there is someone out there who is less fortunate than you.


Lehua, a Hawaiian listener called in to share her appreciation for the 2cents saying more people really do need to appreciate their blessings more!

853a ICYMI

New Movies

Endgame speaking of Joe Budden bought tix for a different city


Playing Nationals this weekend


Public Utilities program will supply foster youth with phones

.9523a ICYMI


Ranked the best commuter city with the shortest drive time


Went back to his Upstate NY high school, Carthage to speak to the youth


$60M already from Thursday’s showings


Sold his 3rd house this year

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