Today On Frankie & Tati[5-15-19]

Wednesday May 15, 2019

602A “I’m A Cheater Because I’m Returing Underwear?!?” Jamboozle

Francis, mall security strikes again this time calling a woman in regards to the lingerie she returned due to not being right for her. Francis says there’s a $500 fine for trying on panties outside of the store. He also asks her why she returned 3 times this week, accusing her of being a homewrecker. She gets worked up asking her “who tf are you accusing me of cheating because I returned panties?!”

635a The Three Most Effective Exercises That Don't Require Equipment[TIME]

FULL STORY:  Two big excuses for not working out are: "I don't have time," and "gyms cost too much." But those aren't great excuses, because you don't need those things to get in shape.

According to an expert with the American Council on Exercise, here are the three most effective exercises that don't require any equipment . . .

1. Burpees. You start in a standing position . . . drop down and do a push-up . . . then pop back up ... jump with your hands above your head . . . and repeat. It works your chest, arms, shoulders, core, hips, legs AND butt.

2. Mountain climbers. You start in a plank position, like you're about to do a push-up. Then you bring one knee to your chest, alternate legs, and basically act like you're running in place. Again, it hits a bunch of muscles at once. And it's good cardio.

3. Turkish get-ups. This one's harder and you'd need to practice. But basically, you start on your back, with one hand pointed at the ceiling. Then without letting it drop, you roll onto your side . . . plant one foot on the ground . . . and rise to your feet.

Once you get good, you can do it with a weight in one hand. But you don't need one when you're just starting out. It's a good workout for your shoulders and core, and for stabilizing muscles in your back and hips.

654a ICYMI


Made off with $10k worth of Gucci purses from UTC mall, police is looking for them

Manny Machado

Couldn't hack it for their loss against Dodgers 6-3


Senate outlaws abortion including rape and incest cases 


Hacked into two elections systems in 2016 through spear fishing, Mike Pompeo says they’re preventing that for 2020 elections

Gov Steve Bullock(Dem)

Announced 2020 presidential candidacy 

Lil Nas X

Said he had $5.62 in bank before Old Town Road

City Girlz

JT Won't be leaving from jail early from her 24 month sentence

Tiffany Haddish

New host of Kids Say the Darndest Things on ABC this fall


Launching new baby line called Kylie Baby 

735a “I’m Just Not Comfortable With You Watching My Kids”: Ex Chronicles

Jamal and Tameka have been dating for a year and recently moved in together; she has two kids from a previous relationship to which she doesn’t allow him to watch them. He says she will have her family members watch them, to which he says there’s no trust...and questions how long will it go on. Tameka says that it's not about trust but more about the fact that her family is her comfort zone, and she’s not ready to leave him alone with them just yet.

748A Ex Chronicles Calls

A woman says she’s with Jamal mostly because she moved him in, “if you trust him to live with you...then trust him with your kids”

Cindy, National City says there’s nothing wrong with it, especially since he’s not the birth father

Another mom calls in to say she understands where both are coming from but that Tameka’s just taking her time to see if he’s ready

Francisco says he thinks Jamal is ready and sounds all in so give him a chance

Tameka says she can start slowly to which Jamal says he just wants to show her how fully committed he is and how much he loves those kids.

754a ICYMI


Banned by the city from living in their cars


Will start rolling out free next day delivery to 75% of country by the end of the year


June 19th on Netflix starring Anthony Anderson, Uzo Aduba

Black Mirror

Coming back to Netflix June 5th

Starring Anthony Mackie and Miley Cyrus is among the cast

844a The Journey Will Pay Off: Tati’s Two Cents

Something caught Tati’s eye yesterday which was some wisdom from Charlamagne the God in regards to acknowledging hard work even without pay. She reflects off the time to when she was single mom, working as a cashier, and interned at a radio station much to her mother’s disapproval. She said when she finally got the paycheck of $130, it still showed her that hard work pays off in the long run. The paycheck will come later…

856a ICYMI


15K signatures for a season 8 redo petition

Kim K

Is launching a wedding makeup line


Makeup line is getting ripped for it's almond line is causing outbreaks on skin

954a ICYMI

National Choclate Chip Day

Wendy Williams

Will have Blac Chyna on


Sheriff's found a body on the road that they’re suspecting a hit and run

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