Today On Frankie & Tati[5-7-19]

Details of Wendy Williams's nasty divorce

is coming up and so of course Frankie and Tati have to talk about it!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

602a "You Ain't Got No Tickets Bruh..."Jamboozle

Francis calls as the financial office of an airlines telling a man his flight to Boston has been cancelled due to “insufficient funds”. The man isn’t settling with it saying he got the confirmation letter to which Francis says to disregard the email and because he’s a real person, the machine was wrong. Francis continues to press his buttons as the man calls him “an aggressive phone dude” saying he and his lady are going on the trip regardless. It’s then revealed to be a prank as Francis says the address of the station.

620A Yes Or BS: Take On Tati With Missing Link Mike

Mike, La Mesa is a confident man who loses badly in TOT

Highlight headline: A man in Taiwan swallowed an Apple Earpod which was still working in his stomach, he was able to poop it out smoothly



95 year old Frank Manchel died during his flight from DC to SD after being apart of an Honor Flight 

Teacher Appreciation Week

On this day

29 people were arrested in a drug raid, most were SDSU students as police found guns, money, 4pounds of coke and 50 pounds of weed


Beat Mets 4-0

Uber/Lyft Drivers

Plan 2hour strike during morning commute tomorrow morning

Prince Harry

Marveled on Meghan Markle giving birth

Name still unknown


Are on track to wipe out 1m species of plants and animals

Met Gala

ODB Sleeveless tux

Katy Perry was a cheeseburger

Kylie and Kendall looked like Takis 

Chance the Rapper

Got Wendy’s to bring back spicy nuggets

Ari Lennox

Dropped debut album Shea Butter Baby with new joint with JID

7:35 -WENDY WILLIAMS And Rehabilitative Alimony [US WEEKLY]

  • According to court documents filed on April 23 and obtained by Us Weekly, the television producer, 46, is asking for both “rehabilitative alimony and permanent alimony,” as well as “equitable distribution of all personal assets” acquired during their 21-year-marriage.
  • Hunter is also requesting that the TV personality, 54, pay his legal fees, plus “child support and college expenses” for their son Kevin Jr., 19.
  • Williams filed for divorce from the entrepreneur on April 10 amid allegations of Hunter’s infidelity. “Thank you to everyone for respecting the family’s privacy during this time,” Williams’ rep told Us at the time, adding, “Kevin is supportive of Wendy, and they are working through this process together.”

743A Wendy Williams Calls

Rehabilitative Alimony can only happen for marriages that have lasted for more than 5 years

Man calls in says that he doesn’t deserve a penny! He knocked another chick up

Another woman says separate church and state, he breached the contract on the vows

Another man says that Wendy should’ve left the minute she found out he knocked up another woman, he shouldn’t lose out because he cheated “She chose to stay in the marriage”

Top Dawg says realistically her ex husband did help the show but says that the short term policy should only happen


Museum of Photographic Arts

Free film screening started last Friday and it's the coming of age celebration

Met Gala

Katy Perry was in the background of Cardi B’s nipple tassel dress

Tiffany Haddish brought chicken in her bag

Kim K’s dripping dress

Zendaya looked like Cinderella with lights

842a Life Lessons From Mom:Tati's Two Cents

Tati was talking in studio about stealing, to which she told Frankie a story of her young self getting in trouble for stealing. She said when she got home her and her brother both got a good ole classic buttwhooping; to which her mom said “you have way more than enough than you need”. She says sometimes when you really need something, there will be someone there to be compromising to accommodate. She thanks her mom for the life lesson which continues to carry through her now.



Taco Tuesday tacos $2.50 tonight at the park

Kim K

has helped 17 inmates in 90 days

also her dripping wet look took 9 months to make for the Met

Met Gala

people are mad Riri missed it

Taraji P Henson missed it due to John Singleton's funeral

953a ICYMI

Met Gala

Nicki Minaj’s team reportedly didn’t know the theme of CAMP which is a term for being extra in the LGBTQ community

Ayesha Curry

Opened up about NBA groupies and Steph Curry on Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett Smith

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