'Venom' Is As Poisonous As A Placebo

'Venom' Is As Poisonous As A Placebo

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Venom so you guys won't. No seriously this comic book anti-hero isn't the right match. Eddie Brock(Tom Hardy) is a TV journalist in San Francisco with a unfiltered way of tackling stories. Eddie soon meets the crooked scientist and inventor Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) in which causes Eddie to lose his job and fiancee Annie(Michelle Williams). Eddie's investigation on Drake leads him to a dark discovery of black alien slime which needs a host(body) to feed and thrive on...that goo is the hilarious Venom.

Not sure what the angle of Sony was on this film but it's missing the thrills we get from Disney's Marvel Universe. Sure it's better than previous comic book films like Catwoman and Daredevil but still I'm not sure if they were intentionally making the dialogue funny and intentionally funny or was it just the fact that the goo aka Venom the only highlight. Tom Hardy painfully cannot make me love him as an anti-hero/villian. 

Go for low expectations and expect nothing more. Stay for the post credits and keep an eye out for the one and only Stan Lee. 



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