Woman Accused Of Getting Pregnant By An 11yo Boy

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office arrested a 25-year-old woman they say became impregnated by a young boy in 2014. 

Marissa Mowry of Port Richey along with the 11-year-old boy were at a Hillsborough County home in January 2014 when they engaged in sexual intercourse that led to a pregnancy, as stated by officials. 

At that time, Mowry was 22-years-old and the boy was 11-years-old. Mowry gave conception to a baby in October 2014. Officials stated Mowry and the victim carried on with their sexual interactions several occasions while the boy was between the age range of 11 and 14-years-old.

After detectives finished their investigation they generated an arrest warrant. Mowry was arrested by the police Tuesday afternoon without any incidents, charged with sexual battery and then taken to the Hillsborough County Jail. 

On Wednesday, fourteen more additional charges were filed against Mowry. She now confronts three instances of Sexual Assault by eighteen years of age or older Sex Battery Victim under twelve years of age, eleven counts of Sexual Assault by Custodian Sexy Battery Victim twelve years of age and under eighteen years of age. 

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Child Protective Division is assisting in the research investigation. The 3-year-old infant has been situated with a responsible and mature adult as the investigation proceeds.

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