Your Weekend Movie Wrap Up Is Here...

Your Weekend Movie Wrap Up Is Here...

Another movie review for you and let me say this week's lineup looks pretty promising with one on its way next weekend! This summer has definitely shown some diversity when it comes to blockbusters so what's worth seeing?


Let's be real for a second...Spike Lee hasn't really had a real good flick for us in a hot minute and with KKKlansman he made sure the revolution was heard loud and clear! The true story of one brave brother by the name of Ron Stallworth(John David Washington)  working for the Colorado Springs Police department is one that history books need to pen. Stallworth with the help of his partner Flip Zimmerman(Adam Driver) uses Stallworth's identity and together  go deep in cover to infiltrate and expose the Ku Klux Klan. Set in 1970s, Lee depicts Stallworth as a cool, calm and collective officer who just wants to help make a better life for those living in fear. The film is nothing short of entertaining, enlightening and leaves you wondering why this story is just now coming to light. 

Personally I had the pleasure meeting Stallworth at my college, San Francisco State in 2010 and seeing not just his membership card, iconic photo with the head of the Klan David Duke was monumental. Like this film, his narrative is so animated it makes you really wonder how the hell he got away with it. This film is worth every penny and is so much needed right now especially as the one year anniversary of the Charlottesville, Virginia tragedy approaches. 

The Meg

Shark Week may have just ended but it's time to go back in the water alongside Jason Statham, Rainn Wilson, Ruby Rose and Page Kennedy. The Meg is nothing short but entertaining but I admit I had my doubts sitting in the theatre waiting for the first 10 minutes to begin. Statham is Jonas Taylor who is on a rescue mission to save his crew from a prehistoric shark that makes Bruce the Shark aka Jaws look like a My Little Pony Doll. 

The Meg isn't supposed to be taken serious but dare I say it was more enjoyable than the Sharknado series and way better than any other B rated film you'd see on the SyFy channel?! From the comedic breaks to the decent CGI that honestly didn't look cheesy at all, this movie is just the end of the summer action film you need. I will say though if you're not into the shark films let alone tongue in cheek animal disaster genre *ahem Piranha* then go check out one of the other two choices. 

Crazy Rich Asians-opening Aug 15th 

This movie is already breaking bank and making history being the first major studio releasing having a near all Asian cast. I was really anticipating this movie and left satisfied. 

From New York to Singapore this movie brings in a feeling that all nationalities can relate and laugh to. Not to mention its soundtrack is the perfect vibe to tie in this feel good romantic dramedy. 

ABCS's Fresh Off The Boat Constance Wu plays Rachel Chu a New York economics professor with a genuine heart that'll make you root for her throughout the movie. She falls in love with the handsome Nick Young played by Henry Golding who has a secret about his family and his wealth. 

Nonetheless you fall in love and root for this couple but also fall in love with its eccentric characters such as Rachel's friend Peik Lin(Awkwafina) and her father played by Ken Jeong. 

Without spoiling a thing, stay for the credits and enjoy the feel good movie  that'll make you wonder about your own family and their standards they hold when dating.