SERIOUSLY?!?!?! Peeps Oreos Are a Thing!

SERIOUSLY?!?!?! Peeps Oreos Are a Thing! | Maxwell | Z100                                                                   

With Easter right around the corner, it looks like this little mash-up is on a store shelf near you. Peeps are arguably the weirdest food known to man & depending on who you ask, they're either the best or worst thing you can eat. 

There is nothing better than Double-Stuffed Oreos dipped in milk, but all of these crazy new flavors kinda gotta go. Like this pink cream filled things that are being passed off as cookies.

Beto Perez

Beto Perez

Beto Perez is an on-air host at San Diego's Hip Hop and R&B radio station. Want to know more about Beto Perez? Read more


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