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The saying “different as day and night” is the perfect statement to compare the members of the up-and-coming hip-hop duo GIMINI to. With the soothing, laidback and confident style of T.Stewie, born Tiffany Stewart, intertwined with the energetic, bold and in-your-face feistiness of Ashley Badon, better known as Noonie B, the outcome is a cohesive, eclectic combination of hip-hop, soul, pop, and R&B. 

Although the New Orleans based duo may seem to have just sprung up out of no-where into the public eye, their musical career together is seven years in the making. Once T.Stewie realized her passion for hip-hop and its lack of diversity, she decided to jumpstart her own career in the industry. Once she heard the raw talent that Noonie B possessed, after overhearing her freestyle, it became evident to T.Stewie that the two styles meshed together would create a refreshingly unique sound that would be sure to capture the attention of the masses.

Opting against just waiting for the backing of a major record label to help spread their music, the motivated duo decided to bring to life their own entertainment company, Fly-N-Flashy… It’s a Way of Life Entertainment. Through the company, GIMINI solely pushed their music by showcasing their artistry in local talent competitions, various club-hosted amateur shows and via the internet. The amount of positive feedback was so abundant that, not only did that land a few appearances in several local commercials, but they also a made cameo appearance on WE TV’s LA Hair. 

Determined to blaze the trail on the path to become a household name, GIMINI packed their belongings and headed straight for the Golden state of California, where they currently reside.

With influences like timeless hip-hop gurus such as Notorious BIG, Missy Elliot, Da Brat, Bob Marley, PNC and even the soulful stylings of Sadé and Lauren Hill, they are sure to reach their goal which is to supply a breath of fresh air to an industry of monotony and gimmicks with diversity, ingenuity and an ability to cultivate comfortability with one’s self. 

Beto Perez

Beto Perez

Beto Perez is an on-air host at San Diego's Hip Hop and R&B radio station. Want to know more about Beto Perez? Read more


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