Kaepernick Added to Madden 21, 'Bel-Air' Drama + MORE Daily Show Podcast

Sweetwater school district to offer free adult education courses

Beginning with a good word from our friends over at the Sweetwater Union High School District, this morning Sweetwater’s Adult Education Division announced they will begin offering free career technical education courses in the South Bay and a teacher with the program says ‘during these unprecedented times it is our priority to help and support our community through this pandemic by offering free courses throughout the South Bay” but in case you didn’t know, according to a statement from the school, English as a second language and GED courses have always been free through the district so please, please take advantage of this opportunity to hit the books. (Full Story HERE)

Valley fire: wind concerns, grows to 17,565 acres 11% contained

A quick update on the Valley Fire burning in East County, this morning our sources say so far, the blaze has scorched more than 17,500 acres, destroying at least 20 homes and commercial properties but grows from 3 to 11% contained as of last night so there's some good news! Today fire crews move into the 5th consecutive day fighting the blaze and officials encourage you to get involved or at least just reach out to any one of the disaster relief funds (like the SD Foundation & Red Cross) and ask them what you can do to volunteer you time or money. Find more resources up on our site ( Full Story HERE)

Kaepernick added to Madden ‘21 game, rated higher than Cam Newton

In case you missed it yesterday EA Sports revealed that Colin Kaepernick will in fact, be featured in Madden ‘21 and fans will be able to play as Kap on Franchise Mode and EA says and I quote ‘our team at EA Sports along with millions of Madden NFL fans wanted to see him back in the game’ and with Kap’s Madden rating of 81, Kaepernick ranks higher than Derrek Carr, Josh Allen and Kyler Murray making him the best quote on quote ‘rookie’ of the year. (Full Story HERE)

Will Smith announces ‘Bel Air’ drama will air on Peacock

In case you missed it Will Smith took to IG yesterday to announce that the Fresh Prince is officially getting a spin off show of it’s own yes Will took to IG to announce his new deal with NBC’s Peacock streaming service that picked up the hour long series for TWO SEASONS and he’s giving all props to young filmmaker Morgan Cooper who re-envisioned the Banks family with a dramatic twist where viewers will explore deeper interpersonal relationships and conflicts with characters. (Full Story HERE)

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