Jamn 957

Frankie V: Radio/TV became Frankie's passion during high school while growing up in Farmington, MA. He originally wanted to be a sports broadcaster, but after a stint in college radio in the music format, he realized that was where he belonged! Frankie loves his job because it allows him to interact with and influence so many people each day "People bring the radio with them while stuck in traffic on the way to work, after they leave a tough day at work, to the beach, out shopping, etc! We get to be their on the go best friend!  I love using my voice to help in the community.  Not only do I get to live a dream every day being on the radio, but I get to use my own dream to help others chase theirs.  Doing work in the community is one of my favorite things to do and my career has given me that opportunity."  

Tati:  Growing up in Hawaii, I loved listening to the radio, being entertained by radio personalities and wondering what they looked like.  A big reason I wanted to be in radio was to entertain with my personality first, then my great looks would be the icing on the cake! Joking, but kind of not. In 1999 I started as an intern and was then hired as a traffic reporter in 2000. Thankfully, I have worked every shift radio has to offer and learned a lot through the years.   

The most fascinating fact about me is that I am JUST LIKE YOU! I love like you do, cry like you do, and feel sensitive to issues that affect  our youth, just like you.  I am not a celebrity or a saint.  I am a married mother of 3 that wants my legacy to be remembered as someone who cared for others and did my part to make the world a better place.