Isn't there enough GUILT being put on parents these days? Mom guilt is real. 

A sign was left for parents picking up their kids and I am NOT on board with it. Sorry, not sorry! 

I agree that we all need some reminders to stay off our phones. I know I use my phone for EVERYTHING. This blog is probably being typed on my phone. I also agree that SOME parents are BS'ing on their phone when they should be paying attention to their kids, but not ALL are. For them, this sign is a good reminder to pause and enjoy their children. However it does sound like some judgement is being made, without proper information on individual circumstances.

Personally speaking, I am a working mom AND taking care of my kids and home too. Sometimes things fall through the cracks, but the last thing I need is someone with the privilege of staying home, to assume I am not happy to see my kids or that I don't give them the time they deserve. WORRY ABOUT YOU AND YOUR KIDS! Do your job, raise your kids, be a good friend, before pointing the judgement else where.

Trust and believe my kids call me out when I am not practicing what I preach. They also LOVE to snap chat with me. Our phones are not just used to ignore our kids. They can also be used to engage and enjoy with them.