The down pour at 5:30 pm heading into Petco Park was no joke. Our tickets for Monster Jam read "rain or shine", and they meant it. The track was a muddy mess, and thats what made it even greater to watch. The trucks slid, kicked up mud, and crashed! All of which entire families enjoyed watching, including mine. 

I attended Monster Jam 4 years ago when it was at the Q and it was not as exciting as watching at Petco. Maybe it was the intimate experience of being a judge? Thank you to Monster Jam for trusting in my judging skills. I handed out two 10's the entire night. One was for Monster Mutt, the only female driver competing. The other, for Grave Digger.

photo credit: instagram/sassysasha_619

I think it was mostly meeting other families, not just young families, but Jam'n friends too.

I even got to meet my sister station's new night show host, Ethan Cole. Fun guy to say the least. Thankfully he knows the rules when going out as a single guy, bring arm candy! Hi Melissa and my fave @julesyulez! 


Although Monster Mutt, driven by the only female driver did not win overall, she was a close second.