It is definitely not typical to see San Diego under so much rain fall. Last time I saw it like this was MANY years ago when I first moved to America's Finest City. Today no one in San Diego was ready. Funny thing is, last weekend we braced for a rain storm and that was over hyped. This one wasn't hyped at all and it delivered way more rain than the last one. 

The neighbors house on the street behind us! #sandiegorain

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According to Shana Wilson, San Diego Padres spokeswoman, the rain fell too quick and the drains couldn't keep up. I was just at Petco Park for Monster Jam last weekend, so luckily they said the field wasn't put back yet and no damages are expected.

I was just at this hotel not too long ago for the YMCA MLK Humanitarian Award breakfast and it was raining that day too. Not like this. Mission Valley was NOT ready. 

Please do not think I am complaining one bit. From what I heard when I was East Coast living, these rains were needed! Let's grow San Diego!

Our own private river #sandiego #flood #rainstorm #sandiegorain #the1project

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⚠️ San Diego Underwater ⚠️. • • • • • • Never be too proud to ask for help if these conditions put you at risk. If you need shelter, a ride, money for a taxi, whatever it may be just ask. Ask anyone, even a stranger. Do not put your life at risk for the sake of self pride. • • • • • • Tonight I helped a man who was trying to cross this flooded river road on foot. He said he worked in Fashion Valley and lived on Texas St, but the buses were cancelled. He has bills due tomorrow and couldn't afford a taxi as he didn't have enough money. He was submerged, lost his bag, umbrella, phone and nearly lost his life. Very scary. • • • • • • Ask anyone for help, just ask. • • • • • • #sandiego #flood #storm #safety #risk #ask #help #stranger #caution #life #value #river #california #perspective #blessed #helpastranger

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