Yesterday THIS VIDEO of a kid at Coachella has gone viral because of a few reasons. It is adorable that he is dabbin it up to Migos and singing along to Drake, but then it got folks wondering. Are kids  allowed to attend Coachella? In the video he is on the shoulders of a man that we can only assume is his father, and has some sort of affiliation with Odell Beckham Jr. LOL According to FESTIVAL RULES AND REGULATIONS, no harm no foul here.


As a parent, would you bring your kid to Coachella? 

Back in 2007, I once brought my son DJ who was 10 years old, and my daughter Arie, 8 months old, to Rock The Bells in San Bernadino. The people at the gate accepting taking tickets looked at me and said, "These are the first kids I've seen all day". It shocked me and made me feel bad for bringing them.