Another year, another reason to thank God for my blessings and take full advantage of the one thing that has kept a roof over my families head, clothes on our back and food in our I am able to spread the word and gather resources for those that may not have the necessities for what ever reason that is their own. I do not GIVE to get. I get to GIVE.

For my birthday I have asked that if you too are blessed, please consider giving some items needed for the Summer ahead. It can get hot in San Diego and I am trying to gather WATER, BODY WIPES, SUNSCREEN, UNDERWEAR, AND SPRAY BOTTLES to help ease the elements for our homeless population.

I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to those that have already given donations for the cause. Kamu, Cherie, Jessica, have given $240 that will be used to shop for items needed. 

If you want to GIVE or if you would like to volunteer your time, the day of distribution, please EMAIL me before April 29, 2017.


WHAT: Better To Give: Homeless Outreach Birthday Edition

WHEN: April 29, 3-5pm

WHERE: Ace Parking Lot, Downtown San Diego on K St.


HOW: With donations of water, body wipes, spray bottles, sunscreen, underwear.  

***if you have other items to GIVE, clothing, toys, is ALL welcome.