One wish was to GIVE to charity. Mo Betta is my service brother in DC who donated to a charity of his choice in my name. I could not believe he was moved to do this, for me. Since leaving DC, Mo has since married his beautiful partner in life, Adrian, who is my service sister! They inspired me to keep giving without reservations of others judgement. 

Many people will say, "give, without recognition, or posting for all to see". In my line of work, I know I have a platform to positively influence others. Those who have MANY friends and followers can influence their group of friends. #PositivePeerPressure is real. KEEP SHARING your joy of giving! 

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The other was for a bike. I remember complaining to my co-workers about the color they got me. LOL. Yes, I can still be a spoiled brat at times. I moved on from it and knew just HOW BLESSED I truly was. I remember the kids excitement when telling me how hard it was to get it home because it didn't fit in the car. They felt a sense of pride, being able to do the "impossible" for ME! 

This year, I only want one have another successful BETTER TO GIVE. I hope that my friends and family are by my side to help those that need it so much.

Below is the video wrap up from the Better To Give we did just before Christmas to gather blankets and cold weather items. I was so very happy with the outcome and the amount of homeless folks we were able to help that day.

Join me next week as I attempt to gather folks in the giving mood to help our homeless population in San Diego. I have a group of Moms that share my love for others and giving back. @prissyc82 @mary.ahhnn.29 @maraeachristina are my rocks. They are always ready to get out and spread love. I ask that you join us by looking through the things you no longer use and drop it off. Do what you can. I am not asking that you do anymore than what is in your heart. Thank you in advance and I look forward to seeing what we can ALL DO FOR OTHERS. ***please remember it isn't the quantity of your donation. 1 blanket, keeps 1 less person from the cold at night. 1 pair of shoes is the difference for someone to move towards employment. #bettertogive #christmas #seasonofgiving #helpinghomeless #helpingthepoor #livingforlove #communtiy #givingback #downtownsandiego #followyourheart #letgodlead #heisthereasonfortheseason

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