Jeremy Meeks, better know to thirsty ladies as Prison Bae, took to his social media to let his followers know he gave his first interview. Jeremy Meeks pretty much let people know, LOOKS AIN'T EVERYTHING. 

That seems ironic coming from a man who became famous off of his smoldering good looks after police posted his mug shot on their facebook page. He is now a professional model and even debuted recently at New York Fashion Week. However, he lets the interviewer know that growing up, his looks didn't change his circumstances. 

"I heard all my life, you’re so handsome, you have the most beautiful eyes, and I heard it a hundred times a day. To where I would not even pay no mind to it," 

"It didn’t fix it then. I still had a father in prison doing life. I still had a heroin-addict mother and me and my brother and sisters struggling through life’s tribulations,"

Meeks went on to say he fought a lot as a kid. I am a firm believer that everything in life happens for a reason. His troubled past brought him to his blessings today. Lets hope he continues on this path. I do agree with him that good looks isn't everything. GOOD CHARACTER, compassion, integrity, respect will get you farther than looks.


SOURCE: Man About Town