Tashi Farmer was someone I knew of and remembered as a kid growing up in Salt Lake, Honolulu, Hawaii. I heard of this story and could not believe it was him. My husband, who also grew up in the same town, would show me Facebook status updates, news feeds, friends mourning, his family searching for answers and justice. 

This morning, Pablo told me that the Officer that did this, will be charged with manslaughter. My heart felt a little relief.

Tashi Farmer was killed in Las Vegas by LVPD Officer, Kenneth Lopera via rear naked chokehold, after firing his Taser at Farmer seven times. The story of how these events happen more often than not is sickening. Such is the truth. I will be watching for this film.


It is IMPORTANT to know exactly what happened in these "priors". I am thankful for social media to get information from Tashi's family. The man described by Crystal is who I remember. He was jolly, a fun loving guy!