Mariah Carey and Tommy Lasorda hang with Frankie V

Life is about building experiences that someday turn into stories to tell the next generation.  As you sit there someday reflecting on life we don't remember the moments of stress, frustration, adversity, or sadness... we remember the things that mattered during our time on earth.  This weekend I was fortunate to not only get one story but a couple amazing stories that remind me of how fortunate I am for the life I currently live.  Friday night I went to dinner at BarBusa a great spot in Little Italy not far from my bachelor pad.  I was in a rush to grab a bite before heading to a Khalid concert when their GM PJ graciously found me and my friends a table.  Before he sat us he said "Let me introduce you to someone"... that someone was the legendary baseball coach Tommy Lasorda!!! This is a guy I have respected my whole life and he was standing right there in front of me.  After a couple minutes of chatting he found out I was Italian and said "Frankie, you know what the only thing better than one Italian is? Two Italians!"  I quickly sent my dad's brother Uncle Sal a picture of the experience as I know he would be amazed as well.  Saturday evening I was graciously invited to an event in LA.  This event just happened to be at a mansion in Beverly Hills.  This wasn't any mansion, it was where Mariah Carey lives.  Yes, it was a party put on by Mariah Carey that I was invited to, which is still weird for me to be typing right now.  How does a kid that was simply impressed by a pizza party as a kid get invited to his spectacular event.  The party was a small selected group, a couple adult beverages, and a full on hang session with Mariah and her boyfriend Tanaka!  You would have thought she was everyone's good friend the way she opened up her house, hung out, toasted over champagne and more!  I sent the picture of Mariah and I to my mom and said "life is good"... she replied "it sure is, and this picture is going up on the refrigerator"!  Life throws curve balls, life is full of ups and downs, life is full of adversity... but sometimes, on a Monday morning, it is good to take a quick minute and reflect on the positives that life has to offer! I am fortunate for the opportunities I get and never take a single experience for granted.  If nothing else, someday when I am old and grey, ill have some stories to tell the nurses at the old age home.. many they may never believe, but I'll save the pictures to prove it!

Frankie V

Frankie V

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