I felt accomplished after a great 4 days with Mom!

Sending my mom off to the airport this morning after a 4 day visit was sad, but I felt accomplished!  You might say "what makes you feel accomplished about dropping your mom off?", let me explain!  As you know my life has been a crazy one the past couple years and it has yet to fully settle back in.  I try my best each day to live in the "now" and understand this chapter in life is happening for a reason.  I often question "what if I never left San Diego?", "Why was my time cut short in Boston?", "What was the higher power that helped bring me back to San Diego when I felt lost and confused?".  It is when I begin to question these things that I need re-assurance that everything truly happens for a reason.  My goal for my mom's visit was to show her my "new life" in San Diego this second time around as well as show her what I've accomplished in my 7 months back.  I wanted to take her to my favorite places, walk her through my day, show her what my life is like currently.  Thank you to my friends that came out to say hi to mom, thank you to PJ and the crew at BarBusa for making her feel at home, thank you to Dave Renzella and his crew for coming to dinner at Salvucci's and showing my mom that I have a Boston family here in San Diego, thank you to Geena and her family for showing my mom I have a strong support system 3000 miles away from her, and most of all thank you San Diego for continuing to grow as my second home.  Mom left here today smiling knowing that I am in a good place in life, and every time I call home to question things, I know that after this weekend she will put me in my place!  For all those reasons above, while dropping mom off at the airport today, I felt "accomplished".

Frankie V

Frankie V

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