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Do you have a Keurig or know someone who does? Make sure they read this ASAP!

As someone that uses a Keurig ever day, I am not stopping now!  Somethings in life are just needed.  Interesting article tho!

If you have a Keurig, you know how easy it is to make a cup of coffee. 

A website called Healthy Holistic Living asked some important questions about cleaning the machine and the cleanliness of the K-cups it uses. 

They found out, Keurigs are not able to be drained and dried entirely after use. This now means there's a potential for mold and bacteria where the water has been sitting for long periods of time.                                                        

Other problems related to Keurigs include non-recyclable pods and the use of composite plastic in the materials.

As a rule of thumb, coffee makers should be cleaned every time empty, or at least once a day. Any style coffee maker can contain bacteria and can cause coffee tastes horrible if not kept clean. 

Do you have one? 

Source: America Now

Photo: Facebook

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