I tried two different types of food this weekend!

This weekend while working on air in Los Angeles I decided to step out of my normal food routine and try different things!  On Saturday the traffic up the 5 wasn't terrible so I had enough time to give Poke an attempt.  I've never had it before, but everyone always talks about it, so I figured why not... I stopped at a place in Burbank, looked like a lost fool trying to order, but I pulled it off! Created a great bowl, and honestly I am now ADDICTED to it!!!

After my shift in LA,  I was invited to dinner at an Indian Restaurant in Studio City! It was funny because my buddy even said to me "normally people that haven't tried Indian Food are not open to giving it a shot!"  I was glad that I did.  Growing up in Boston my two favorite kinds of food were Italian and Chinese.  Living on the west coast I have begun to love Mexican food.... I mean how can't you right?  I was glad to give Indian Food a try.  First meal, the ever basic Chicken Tikka Masala.  It was AMAZING.  Trying new things, stepping outside of your norm, isn't such a bad thing!

Found this recipe this morning in case you ever want to attempt to make this dish! Click HERE and enjoy!

Frankie V

Frankie V

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