“Their Kids Were Untrained and Misbehaving!” Jamboozle

(Photo Credit:Tamara Malesevic / EyeEm / Getty Images)

Francis calls a waiter to a woman in regards to her “foo foo” dog

saying a couple complained that her dog ruined their meal! The dog mom argues saying that he was well behaved then says that the couple had two kids that were “untrained and misbehaved”; Francis says while that’s unfortunate that he will be charging her card with their meal. She then threatens to write poor Yelp review to get them in trouble. It’s then revealed to be a prank

Funny Prank Phone Calls | Jamboozle

Funny Prank Phone Calls | Jamboozle

Get the best funny prank phone calls by Frankie & Tati In The Morning on San Diego's top Hip Hop and R&B radio station JAM'N 95.7 Read more


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