Offset Gets Big Cardi B Tattoo On His Neck -- See It Here

Cardi B and Offset are continuing to show a united front, scandal after scandal and allegation after sex tape

Ever since the two got engaged, it seems as though their relationship has been getting continuously hit with drama. It all started when rumors of Offset cheating on Cardi in South Africa surfaced. From there, sex tapes confirmed that those rumors were true. There were even sex tapes of another incident involving the Migos rapper with another woman besides Cardi that also leaked on social media.

After that, Chicago rapper King Yella dropped a diss track called "Cardi B Truth" where he said that he previously slept with the "Bartier Cardi" rapper, which Cardi has vehemently denied. Nevertheless, Cardi and Offset are continuing with their wedding plans and are remaining together in love. 

Wanting to show the world how serious he was about moving forward with Cardi, Offset got a tattoo of his fiancée this past weekend. It shows the PowerPuff Girl Buttercup with "Cardi B" written underneath. The new ink is on the right side of Offset's neck. Take a look at it below!

Photo: Getty Images

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