Most People have Student Loan Debt Regret

photo via getty.

Graduation day should be liberating. You've accomplished a goal. You're ready to begin life in the real world and make a living for yourself. However, graduation joy can quickly give way to student loan regret.

According to a recent Citizens Bank 'Student Lending Survey,' 74% of Americans with student loan debt "wish they had done more to minimize the burden."

Hindsight is 20-20 and, according to the survey, a double-edged sword. 53% of survey respondents say they could have racked up less debt if they had discussed it sooner with their parents. However, 61% say their parents didn't have a full understanding of the costs of higher education.

Citizens Bank President of Consumer Deposits and Lending Brendan Coughlin says "Students need to have a plan before they start their college career."