Free Gin For Life Is Yours...But Only If You Travel Where?

photo via getty.

Ok here’s some good news and some bad news, let's start with the good news you could win gin for life courtesy of Arctic Blue Gin and all you have to do is travel.

Now depending on how adventurous you are here’s the bad news, you’ll have to travel to the North Pole in order to get free gin for life. The spirit company will have a one-day pop-up shop at the North Pole and if you make it there, you’ll win a lifelong supply of gin.

Once you get to the Arctic Blue Gin pop-up shop it’s not clear what you’ll find, except gin, but Arctic Blue’s co-founder and brand manager Mikko Spoof will be on hand.

If you’re planning on making the trip in honor of a lifetime supply of gin then you better set your GPS for N90°E0° this week and bring your own mixer.

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