Roberto Carlos Fernandes, 50, hit by a wheel that was released from a car, on Friday afternoon (17), around 12.50, remains hospitalized at the Hospital Márcio Cunha, according to family members, with stable health.He suffered mild head trauma and chest injuries, caused by the unusual accident. As witnesses informed the Military Police, Roberto Carlos Fernandes, he was walking on the sidewalk of Calcedonia Street, parallel to the Avenida Pedro Linhares Gomes, an urban stretch of the BR-381, in the Iguaçu neighborhood, when he was hit in the head by the shooting that was released from a vehicle. A security camera at the tire shop in front of the accident site reported the accident. Traffic flow was intense on the BR-381. Suddenly, a tire appears descending a lawn, chica unevenness in the asphalt of the street and jumps toward Roberto Carlos. Roberto's niece, who was accompanying him on the sidewalk, was almost missed. Rescued by a Samu team, Roberto was taken to the hospital. They tell relatives, to the Daily Steel Portal, that he had suffered a stroke a few days ago, was hospitalized and, at the time of the accident, returned home. Witnesses heard by the Military Police reported that a vehicle, the model of which had not been identified, moved Coronel Fabriciano's direction by pulling a dark, two-axled tow truck when passing the viaduct over Brazil Avenue, one of the wheels He let go and went toward the street, where he hit the pedestrian. The vehicle from which the wheel was released was not found. At Márcio Cunha Hospital the clinical information is that Roberto Carlos' health condition is stable and the patient is not at risk of dying. Still according to the report of the PM, the object causing the accident was seized. It is an iron wheel and the tire, both in poor condition. This was the second major accident in the urban stretch of the BR-381, caused by a driver's vehicle that did not stop. At dawn on Sunday, a 20-year-old girl died when the motorcycle she was on as a passenger was hit by a truck.

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