Party Mixes - JAM'N In The New Year

We're bringing in the New Year with a BANG, giving you the best party mixes in San Diego!

Thanks to Toyota of Escondido for helping us make the party.

Our JAM'N mixers will be working hard, so you can have a good time. You can listen live here or on the iHeartRadio app. Here's the lineup and schedule: 

New Year's Eve - (SUN 12/31 - starting at 5:30pm)

534p-612p DYNAMIQ

620p-642p DEEJAY AL

650p-712p RECKLESS

720p-742p DJ BEATNICK

750p-812p DJ GIGI

820p-842p JAM

850p-912p DYNAMIQ

920p-942p DEEJAY AL

950p-1012p DENNIZ BLAZE

1020p-1042p J-SKILLZ

1050p-1112p DJ GIGI

1120p-1142p RECKLESS

1150p-1212a JAM

1220a-1242a J-SKILLZ

1250a-112a DJ BEATNICK

120a-142a DJ GIGI

150a-212a RECKLESS

New Year's Day (MON 1/1 starting at 11am)

1050a-1112a DJ GIGI

1120a-1142a DENNIS BLAZE

1150a-1225p RECKLESS

1234p-112p JAM

1250p-112p DJ GIGI

120p-142p RECKLESS

150p-212p DJ BEATNICK

220p-242p J-SKILLZ

250p-312p RECKLESS

320p-342p JAM

350p-412p J - SKILLZ

420p-442p DJ GIGI

450p-525p DYNAMIQ

534p-612p DEEJAY AL

750p-812p DENNIS BLAZE

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