San Diego Unified Schools Reopen Next Week - Here's What To Expect

Classrooms across the San Diego Unified District will reopen and resume in-person instruction next week, reports FOX5.

According to the school district, thousands of students have already been attending in-person appointments at learning labs throughout the city.

San Diego Unified had its sights set on an April reopening date since February.

Their reopening plan was contingent on San Diego County advancing to the red tier, which it did, and teacher vaccinations which began in March.

On Monday, April 12, students at all grade levels will be able to return to classrooms for in-person learning.

Students whose families opted for online learning will continue to stay home.

San Diego Unified Board President Richard Barrera told FOX5 staff had their first day back on campus on Monday, April 5. They will spend the rest of the week preparing for the students to return.

Barrera said elementary school students will have 5 hours in a classroom with a teacher, but they are working on adding another hour for after-school activities.

High school students will have 4 hours of in-person instruction with teachers.

Depending on which school a student attends, they will either come to school for two days or four days a week said Barerra.

In order to open, every school in the district was required to complete a COVID-19 safety checklist detailing the procedures completed and safety equipment available to keep students and staff safe.

Photo: Getty Images